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Are Your Multi-Family Investments Ready for 2022 & Beyond?

As we launch into 2022, and as you continue to build your Financial Legacy in real estate, I encourage you to outline a plan of action that is centered around growth and increased cash-flow. If you are unsure how to do this, or are reluctant given rent control and all the new regulations that have been put in place this past year, this is where information is key.
I personally have experienced the financial rewards of apartment ownership, and I believe it should not encompass the usual tenant headaches or strain on your personal time. Additionally, I have worked with some of Southern California’s largest apartment investors and have had the rare opportunity to gain insight as to how they approach real estate investing. Not to mention the hands-on experience I have had over the last 16 years helping numerous investors amass a fortune by advising them through the 1031-Exchange process and other investment strategies.


I would like to assist you in taking your real estate portfolio to the next level by leveraging my years of transactional experience, market insight, and my personal network of professionals that work alongside my personal clients in the growth of their properties!


Only by having an objective analysis performed of your real estate portfolio, based on where you are in the cycle of apartment ownership (what I refer to as the 3 Pillars of a Financial Legacy), can you know with certainty what options you have for:

1. Maximizing your current properties (Click Here to Review Pillar 1 – Maximization)

2. Growth of both the total number of units you own as well as your net cash-flow (Click Here to review Pillar 2 – Exponential Growth)

3. Preparing your portfolio for your heirs and/or exit strategies with the least amount of tax exposure (Click Here Now to Learn How to Avoid Capital Gains For You & Your Heirs)

What many investors find is that once you separate the emotion from the math, more times than not, you have tremendous untapped opportunity given your equity and the conditions of the current market.


Property Values are in your favor!.. Rental Rates have never been higher!.. Interest Rates are still Historically Low!.. Ask yourself:

If Not Now…Then When?

The portfolio analysis I am offering is confidential, offers an objective outline of the best options available to you, and is based on YOUR financial goals.