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At The Apartment Dealer, we are an experienced team of Multi-Family Specialists who have worked with hundreds of investors over the last 17 years to take the guesswork out of building wealth through investment real estate. By working with, and advising investors in the purchase and sale of multi-family assets, as well as by offering continuing education and resources with respect to the improvement and management of our client’s properties, The Apartment Dealer continues to set the industry standard for multi-family brokerage teams.

Multi-Family Investors look to our team when:

  • They are looking to maximize the opportunity that exists in their current property(s) by increasing their net income and property value, but are unsure where to get started.
  • They want to capitalize on the equity they have accumulated in one or more of their investment properties and would like to transition to a new property(s) that would exponentially increase their cash-flow, portfolio size, and net worth.
  • Given their age, stress, or change in lifestyle, they would like to exit real estate altogether, but given the tax consequences involved, are in need of a tailored exit strategy.

We address these concerns by offering a straightforward approach: providing a simplified plan based upon your individual goals, representation and negotiation of real estate sales/purchases/1031-Exchanges based upon those predetermined goals, and continuing support through our educational content.

Our client testimonials, transaction volume, and educational platform speaks for itself:

  • We have served over 3,000+ apartment investors through our live and online educational events. View our latest educational webinar for free at SaveMyApartments.com/webinar
  • We have a proprietary approach of sourcing consistent inventory for both 1031-Exchanges and new purchases from a database of 10,000+ multi-family properties.
  • We invest in our clients when marketing their properties for sale by utilizing a cutting-edge marketing platform, which continually results in Record-Breaking sale prices on their behalf.
  • We provide on-going client support to help our clients with the day-to-day management of their properties which includes: 75+ hours of educational content on our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/TheApartmentDealer, weekly relevant content distributed to our private email list, and interview segments with industry moguls from the areas of real estate law, tax, investment strategy, and property renovation.

Most importantly, we believe every real estate transaction should be tailored towards the Creation and Preservation of One’s Financial Legacy. With that goal in mind, our intent is to foster a relationship and work alongside you in implementing a plan of action unique to your real estate needs. To learn more about our services, access available properties for purchase, review client testimonials, and view educational items to assist you in the ownership of your investment properties, please visit: TheApartmentDealer.com and subscribe to our YouTube channel at: YouTube.com/TheApartmentDealer.