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Begin With the End in Mind!

Building Your Financial Legacy

Pillar 3 – Preparing for Tomorrow

Today on The Apartment Dealer Show we discuss the final pillar of the 3 Pillars of building your multi-family financial legacy, Preparing for Tomorrow. We tackle one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to real estate ownership, “How does an investor exit real estate with the least amount of tax exposure?” We also discuss an equally tough topic, which is, the important questions you need to discuss with your heirs in order to avoid a war among your children (heirs,) when it comes to the distribution of your properties, and the subsequent cash-flow.

Whether you are in your “golden years” of investing or currently hold the first, of what you plan to be many properties in the coming years, the old adage applies, Begin With The End in Mind! A time awaits when our heirs will inherit our properties, or, the day is approaching when we will “hang it up” and ride off into the sunset…and there are various avenues and strategies available to ensure we do so efficiently and remain financially sound.

By the time you finish watching this video, you will better understand the 3 most prominent avenues for exiting multi-family real estate to avoid capital gains tax, and learn about a unique strategy which ensures that when you sell, you will have monthly cash-flow for the years to come, all without any management headaches or expenses!!!