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A New Era in Property Insurance
Here Is Your Guide!

Today on The Apartment Dealer Show we are talking Property Insurance. Now if you are not aware, landlords are receiving letters of Non-Renewal in record numbers. For those owners not receiving these notices, many are receiving notices that their insurance premiums are doubling, and in some cases, TRIPLING! What is going on?

We recently sat down to discuss these recent developments with Gino Mattunts, a seasoned veteran in property insurance with 26 years under his belt. This isn’t your typical interview – it’s a deep dive into the rapidly shifting world of landlord insurance, packed with insights critical for every investor!

Gino has been instrumental in helping many of our clients navigate challenging insurance scenarios, including facing non-renewals and finding carriers for their multifamily properties.

Here’s What You’re About to Discover:
1. The Ripple Effect of Construction Costs: A detailed look at how rising costs are reshaping insurance policies and premiums.
2. Insurance Carrier Strategies: Learn about the tactics insurance companies are employing to manage their profit margins, including non-renewal practices.
3. Policy Types – Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value: Get clarity on the differences and what factors should guide your choice.
4. Liability and Loss of Income Coverage: Discover the nuances of these coverages and how to ensure your policy adequately protects you.
5. Uncovering Hidden Traps: Understanding the exclusions and limitations that might be lurking in your policy.
6. Changing Market Conditions: Gain insights into current market trends and how they might influence insurance availability and premiums.
7. Proactive Risk Management: Strategies to minimize insurance claims and understand common risks in multifamily properties.

Why This Matters to You:
Even if you’re not currently facing insurance challenges, the evolving landscape necessitates a proactive approach to ensure your investments are well-protected. This video is an essential watch for anyone looking to stay ahead of these changes and make informed decisions.

Your Next Moves:
1. Engage with the Video: Trust me, it’s time well spent.
2. Policy Check-Up: Reflect on the insights from Gino and consider a review of your current insurance strategies.
3. Connect with Us: For personalized advice or to delve deeper, I’m here. Let’s make sure your investments are bulletproof.

Our goal is to empower you with knowledge that safeguards your investments. We believe this interview with Gino Mattunts will be a pivotal resource in your journey as a multifamily property investor.

Gino Mattunts
(818) 681-1119