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SB 91 – Tricks & Traps

Landlord’s Questions Answered

As you may know, the State of California recently passed a new piece of legislation, Senate Bill 91 (SB 91) which extends the current Eviction Moratorium that is in place, and makes other changes to the eviction/rent collection process. To make sense of the new regulations and to get clear answers to the pressing legal questions landlords have today, I brought in no other than eviction attorney extraordinaire, Mike Brennan.

Today Mike and I discuss YOUR questions:
• $25 Billion is available in landlord relief – When & how do landlords get the $$$?
• Is it mandatory that a landlord accept the government relief and agree to waive 20% of the rent due?
• Are the courts open to hear any type of eviction case and what is the timeline to see the judge?
• Are there any procedural changes within the courtrooms when hearing eviction cases?
• Aside from issues for non-payment of rent, can we evict for other issues such as nuisance right now?
• For those tenants who did not pay a portion of rent during the protected period (March 2020 – August 2020), what steps does the landlord take now to get their $$$?
• Is the tenant’s deadline to pay 25% of unpaid rent extended?
• Can a landlord evict a tenant who fails to submit the hardship declaration after the 15 day Notice?
• If a tenant did not pay rent during the transition period (September 2020 – March 2021) what should a landlord do right now?
• If a tenant for the first time does not pay rent this March 1st, 2021, what should a landlord do?
Does SB 91 Change AB 3088 (COVID Tenant Relief Act)?
• Are there new legal limitations when a landlord is screening a new applicant?
• How does a landlord collect unpaid rent once the tenant moves or they receive a judgment?
• Can landlords raise rent right now?

Unfortunately, when it comes to the current eviction laws the cards are stacked against landlords. WATCH NOW as Mr. Brennan and I discuss real strategies to take back your rental units, leverage the law to raise rents now, and protect your investments from tenants who refuse to follow the rules!