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Rent Increases, Tenant Evictions, & More Changes to Tenant Landlord Law

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, a lot of misinformation was circulated regarding tenant landlord law. Unfortunately, some of that bad information came from those in the legal field. Today we look to set the record straight when it comes to Rental Increases, Tenant Evictions, and other changes to tenant landlord law.

To make sense of the new regulations and to get clear answers to the pressing legal questions landlords have today, I brought in none other than eviction attorney extraordinaire, Mike Brennan of the Brennan Law Firm.

Today Mike and I discuss YOUR questions:

Rent Increases
• If a city does not have its own moratorium currently, can you raise the rent in LA County?
• Are you able to raise the rent in the unincorporated areas of LA County as of now?
• Can owners in Orange County, San Bernardino, or Riverside County raise rents?
• Under AB 1482 unless a city has its own version of rent control is the allowable increase 5% plus CPI?

Tenant Evictions
• If a tenant did not pay rent for some period of 2020, what do you do now?
• If a tenant did not pay rent in 2021 prior to October 1st, what do you do now?
• If a tenant does not pay rent after October 1st going forward this year or even next year, what should you do?
• If a 15-day notice was served to a tenant for the Protected and Transition Periods and the tenants FAILED to return the declarations and FAILED to pay the 25% as required by AB 832, what should you do?
• Once a tenant has used up their 15 months of housingiskey.com rent, can they be evicted?
• How do you properly evict a tenant that is not paying rent nor applying for rental assistance?

And More
• What type of evictions are judges approving right now?
• If a tenant moved out and is running an Airbnb out of the unit, how do you stop them?
• If you buy a building in which the seller does not have leases and you are just provided tenant estoppels reflecting tenants are on a month-to-month tenancy, can you force the tenants to sign a new rental agreement upon the close of escrow?
• Are you able to give tenants lease addendums, for example, asking them to pay for their own water bill, or requesting them to provide proof of renters insurance? And if so, are they able to legally dispute them, or are they lawfully obligated to sign?
• What are the Covid rules for screening new applicants? What is public record and what is not?
• If a tenant is on an 11-month lease, can you give them notice of nonrenewal? Can you take back units in this fashion every 11 months if you so desire?
• Gavin Newsom extended the state of emergency, what does that mean to landlords?
• Is there a way to deal with rogue & belligerent tenants without evicting them?
• What steps can we do to protect our real estate assets given the changing economy and government regulations?

Watch as Mr. Brennan and I discuss real strategies to take back your rental units, leverage the law to raise rents now, and protect your investments from tenants who refuse to follow the rules!

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