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Landlords Get Ready to Bear the Financial Burden of Tenant Welfare for the next 6-12 Months!

Last week the Judicial Council of California enacted a NO EVICTION POLICY which prohibits tenant evictions for any reason starting from today, until 90 Days from AFTER the Governor determines to end the stay at home order that is currently in place. (read the full article here). Meaning, if our Governor lifts the stay at home order on May 1st, NO Evictions will be processed until September 1st!

If that was not bad enough there currently is a proposed assembly bill, AB 828 (click here to read) which would allow judges to demand you lower your rental rates by 25%

In Today’s Video, I interview Steven Spierer, Real Estate Attorney of 40 years and investor of 2,000+ multi-family units, to help us make sense of the assault that is being brought forth by politicians against Landlords.  Today we discuss:

  • How Do Landlords Proceed With an Eviction in Light of the New Judical Order?
  • How Do You Deal Legally & Ethically With Tenants Who Try To Use The No Eviction System Against You The Landlord?
  • How Do You Communicate With Tenants, Service Vendors, and Rent Vacant Units Legally While There is a Social Distancing Rule in Place?
  • Can a Landlord Get Sued if a Tenant Claims They Contracted The Corona Virus From a Property Amenity Such as the Laundry Room?
  • And Much More…