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Buy – Sell – Hold
Which Choice Ensures You Do Not Fail in 2022?

Last week we discussed what items landlords should be most concerned with (economics, politics, property values etc) as they develop their investment strategy to win in multi-family investments in 2022.  

This week we continue that discussion and tackle the difficult question that is on investors’ minds, “Which path (buy, sell, hold) leads to the accomplishment of my financial goals and at the same time minimizes my risk to the conditions of the market?”

As a quick review, last week we learned property values and rental rates historically have never been better. To top it off, vacancy is at an all time low. A perfect storm for investors! So how do we leverage the current market to win financially, and at the same time avoid a misstep that could have a negative financial impact?

By the time you finish watching this week’s video you will gain a fresh perspective on how to position yourself and your properties for a profitable 2022 based on YOUR ideal financial future.