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Multi-Family Investments 2023
Which Strategy Awards YOU More Cash-Flow, Tax Savings & Appreciation?

Since the beginning of the year, I have received numerous inquiries from landlords asking, “How is the Market?”

Surprisingly, even though the vast majority of landlords collected 100% of their rents in 2022 and their properties currently are 100% full, all the negative talk about rising interest rates and a looming recession may have you puzzled on how to move your real estate portfolio forward this year.

As we begin 2023 some basic questions to consider are: Should you raise rents this year? Should you buy? Should you sell? Or, should you play it safe and just hold?

I think the answer to that question begins with the ultimate question in multi-family ownership; What is most meaningful to you as an investor; Cash-Flow, Appreciation, or Tax Savings?

Said plainly, if you could earn more net income from rental properties, what would that mean to you?

If you could keep more of that income and shelter it from taxes, what would that mean for you?

If you could exponentially grow your overall personal wealth, what would that mean for you and your heirs?

Truth be told all three are key to fully maximizing your potential as an investor of multi-family investments, and today we are going to discuss; how do we leverage the current market to win financially, and at the same time avoid a misstep that could have a negative financial impact?

By the time you finish watching this week’s video you will gain a fresh perspective on how to position yourself and your properties for a profitable 2023!