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Local Investor Shares Her Story
How She Exponentially Increased Her Income, Units Owned & Her Tax Shelter…With One Simple Strategy

Owning multi-family investment property can not only be confusing, but can be very risky if done incorrectly. On the other hand, with the right strategy multi-family investments should create significant cash-flow for you today, grow your wealth over time, and in the end, build a Financial Legacy for you and your heirs.

Today on The Apartment Dealer Show, we start our Legacy Builders Series where I will be interviewing local multi-family investors like you, who share their journey of owning investment real estate, their best practices for success, and the insider tips they wish they had when they first started out in the world of multi-family.

First up I interview my client Dawn. Dawn is a local multi-family investor who, as a single woman, has been able to amass a small fortune in multi-family real estate and create for herself a very comfortable standard of living.

Watch as she and I discuss her approach to investing, management, and what she has learned after 3 decades of multi-family ownership.

We discuss:
• Her Blueprint For Real Estate Success
• Why 1031-Exchanges Maximize Profits
• The Biggest Challenge To Succeed As a Multi-Family Investor
• How She Has Dealt With Intensified City Imposed Rent Control
• Why She Wishes She Had This Same Advice 3 Decades Ago

And Much More….