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What is the Scariest Word in Real Estate?


Today on The Apartment Dealer Show, we have Steven Spierer, real estate attorney par excellence with 40+ years of experience in courtroom litigation to answer the Top 20 Questions when it comes to Landlord/Tenant Relations & Real Estate Transactions. We all know lawsuits are costly, a drain on your time, and potentially economically devastating. Bottom line, you do not want the nickname of “Defendant” so WATCH NOW as Steve and I discuss:

1. Given COVID, what has fundamentally changed about owning investment real estate?
2. The State Government forced landlords to house tenants for free once (the moratorium), what’s to stop them from doing that again?
3. Rent Collections: What to do with people who owe back rent or who are still non-payers if/when the moratorium is lifted?
4. As the eviction moratoriums are lifted, and tenant advocacy groups move in to protect non-paying tenants, how does a landlord put themselves in the best position to win in court?
5. Rent Control revisited, who really gets hurt in the end?

6. Landlords and the habitability issue, how do you avoid a loss in court?
7. What’s the #1 issue buyers and sellers sue each other over in a real estate transaction?
8. What is the Statue of Limitations timeframe for a seller to be sued for things like non-disclosure (hint – it is open-ended depending on buyer interpretation)?
9. Is the terminology ‘As-Is Condition’ in a purchase agreement legally binding?
10. Unpermitted (bootleg) units and the buyer’s and seller’s responsibility with respect to investigations and disclosure?
11. If a buyer attempts to cancel escrow under a loan contingency, can the seller request proof that the buyer was unable to procure financing? 
12. Non-Refundable deposits, are they really non-refundable?
13. Legal advice on what due diligence documentation a buyer should request with respect to a new purchase?
14. If a seller cannot deliver clear title, does a buyer have recourse, and can the buyer force the sale?
15. The seller wants to cancel escrow because they cannot find a property to purchase as part of their 1031-Exchange, can a buyer sue for specific performance?
16. What exactly happens in mediation?
17. What type of attorney do you want by your side if you find yourself in mediation, or even worse, arbitration?
18. As an investor, what are your thoughts on signing vs not signing the arbitration agreement paragraph in a purchase agreement?
19. The purchase agreement states that arbitration is binding – Can a seller or buyer refuse and demand a jury trial?
20. What can investors do NOW to move their Financial Legacy Forward?

The next 30 minutes can save YOU hundreds of thousands of dollars from an avoidable lawsuit. WATCH NOW!