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New Reality: Stay At Home Order Continues, Tenants Unemployed & No Evictions Allowed?

What Impact Has This Had on Investors and the Real Estate Market?

We are technically only on Day 22 of the statewide “Stay at Home Order” and Landlords are already feeling the effects. In Today’s VIDEO, I discuss the current condition of the Multi-Family Market and share with you some Landlord Resources.

Given the current economic crisis, I understand the next 2-3 months (hopefully not longer) will be rough for landlords as they compete to collect rent while their tenants may be out of work. As a landlord myself I am going through the same struggle, and today I give you access to the information and resources that are being shared with me from the leading authorities in the marketplace. 

Now more than ever factual market data, combined with a personalized investment game-plan, is key for landlords. In today’s video, I cover:

  • What do Apartment Sales from the last 3 weeks tell us about Market Direction?
  • State Of California Bans ALL Evictions (For Any Reason)
  • Landlord Resources & Strategies to Protect Our Investments
  • Tenant Resources (The More $ They Have The More Likely Your Rent is Paid)
  • And Much More…