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Price Gouging, Ellis Act & More Changes to Tenant Landlord Law

Beginning with the Pandemic, California politicians have tried to abuse their power to take away Landlord’s rights. With the start of 2022 alone came 770 new laws signed by the governor of which, 40 affect landlords like you and I. Today local eviction attorney Mike Brennan continues our discussion on all the recent changes.

Today in Part 2 of our series Mike and I discuss:

Price Gouging
Why at least for now you will never see more than 10% Rental Increases

Tenant Notices
Rules change for 30, 60, 90 Day Notices

Substantial Improvements
Can you move tenants out now to renovate your rental units?

Ellis Act Under Attack


The Democrat Super Majority in California and what it means to landlords.

Watch as Mr. Brennan and I discuss how to stay ahead of the recent changes, leverage the laws in your favor, and protect your investments from tenants who refuse to follow the rules!

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