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8% Interest Rate For Multi-Family Loans?

Today I’m thrilled to provide you with an exclusive opportunity to watch live footage from my most recent Apartment Owners’ Educational Luncheon and it is all about Interest Rates!

The Federal Reserve has been waging a relentless battle to curb inflation, and the repercussions on the real estate market are impossible to ignore. I invite you to join me as we delve into live footage from our recent event, where we dissect the critical issue of Interest Rates and their profound impact on our industry. (Hint – Interest Rates Very Well May Climb Above 8%).

As the fed continues its battle to suppress inflation, it is no secret that Rising Interest Rates are creating havoc for the real estate market. Case in point, total sales volume is down when compared to 2022, Cap Rates are on the rise (prices shifting downward), and cash-flow is taking a hit.

To make matters worse, the latest inflation data indicates that current rate hikes have yet to tame rising prices, so the Federal Reserve is likely to keep high rates in place for some time to come.

What does this mean to you?
• The Increase in Interest Rates Has Had a Direct Impact on Property Values
• If you have an adjustable loan, be prepared for your rate to double! (This information is vital for safeguarding your investments)
• As multi-family investors struggle to refinance an increase in inventory may soon hit the market putting further negative pressure on values

The turbulence in the market presents both challenges and opportunities for investors like you. In this exclusive video, we have Gil Figueroa, a distinguished Commercial Loan Broker with over 30 years of experience, ready to break down all the intricate details and provide invaluable insights that can be leveraged in your commercial financing endeavors.

Gil Figueroa
First Commercial Capital, Inc.
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