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Government Gives Away $3 Trillion Dollars
How Much of This $$$ Will Help You?

Over the last month, the government has injected a tremendous amount of cash into the economy, an effort not seen since 2008 when we experienced the Great Recession. As multi-family investors struggle with non-payment of rents over the coming months, how much, if any of this money will assist YOU?

In TODAY’S VIDEO, I interview Steve Hall who runs one of Southern California’s largest tax firms. Steve walks us through the possible loan scenarios you may qualify for included in the new Government Aid, and how to MAXIMIZE your tax savings in 2020.

We Discuss:

  • CARES Act – Do Landlords Qualify for Government Loans & How Do You Apply?
  • How to Utilize a Net Loss in 2020 to Get a TAX REFUND From Years 2015-2019!
  • How to Restructure Your Stock Portfolio to pay 0% Gain When the Market Rebounds!
  • Will Quantitative Easing Cause Hyperinflation for our Economy? 
  • And Much More…

Let’s face it, in light of recent events life has changed as a Landlord. Tenants have suffered substantial job loss given the recent economic crisis, which in turn is causing a loss of rents for landlords. Not to mention all the various other items that will impact landlords such as no eviction policies, tumbling property values, and rising interest rates.

Bottom Line –  As Landlords, we need to know how to deal with the crisis at hand, design a game plan to mitigate our losses, and prepare for the opportunities that exist in the days ahead!