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Can You “Predict” the Direction of the Real Estate Market?

One Man Has Done So for 3 Decades

If you had known 2020 would bring a “systemic event” to your personal and real estate investment life, would you have done anything differently prior?
• Would you have rethought how much real estate you own, or don’t own?
• Would you have adjusted your rental rates or made moves to attract a different tenant base?
• Would you have restructured the debt you carry on your properties or taken lines of credit in preparation?

On today’s Apartment Dealer Show, I sit down with Bruce Norris who has been involved in the investment real estate space for over 3 decades. Aside of being an investor, developer, hard money lender, and educator, he is most widely known for his ability to time real estate markets. Having predicted the decline in values in the mid 1990’s, and then predicting the rise in values in the early 2000’s, to once again predicting the collapse in 2007, Bruce has an uncanny ability to identify inflection points in the market.  

Bruce and I discuss:
• Why did Bruce believe back in 2019 we would need to consider a potential Systemic Event in the marketplace?
• How do you identify a good deal and time the market?
• When investing in real estate is it instinct, emotion, or math that should decide?
• Capital improvements & the days of “SlumLords” are over!
• What’s the difference between a Bruce Norris loan and a shark loan?
• When investing should you favor receiving a certain percentage return on your money, or a specific dollar amount?
• Are the markets going to be in a better position exiting the Pandemic, financially, than when we entered it?
• Why will Bruce not invest in California anymore?
• The truth about investing in Florida real estate.
• Identifying “your team” when venturing into real estate outside of California.
• Our real estate market is hot now…but is this going to be short-lived?

WATCH NOW as Bruce and I discuss those items affecting CA Real Estate values, and what you should be aware of as you contemplate your next real estate transaction.