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CA Courtrooms Say No Evictions Until September…
Landlords Can You Wait 6-12 Months for Rent?

If you have not heard, the Judicial Council of CA has stated no Eviction Cases will proceed in the courts until 90 Days AFTER the Governor ends our quarantine. Dennis Block, Eviction of 40+ Years has recommendations on how to deal with the situation at hand (and it does not include laying down and being pushed around.) In TODAY’S VIDEO Dennis and I Discuss:

  • Should a Landlord Start an Eviction Proceeding For Non-Payment of Rent?
  • How Do Landlords Collect Past Due Rent if the Government Says NO Payments Are Due for 6-12 Months?
  • Given the Backlog in the Courtrooms, Could Landlords Go Up to A Year With No Cash-Flow?
  • Thousands of Eviction Cases Are on Hold – How Do You Get Your Case to the Front of the Line?
  • And Much More…

As if these times were not hard enough, now that many tenants have lost their jobs, the government wants to put the financial burden on the backs of landlords. Where is the government aid for Landlords?

Bottom Line – No one is coming to save your apartments.

Landlords need to get educated on how to deal with the crisis at hand, have a team of professionals that can assist them, and a game plan to implement now.