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Interest Rates Rising!
Inflation Soaring!
& Politicians Plan Their Next Move…Against Landlords!

Today on The Apartment Dealer Show I have brought together some of the brightest minds in the real estate space to address questions submitted by you the Landlords. We tackle all facets of apartment ownership whether that be legal, financial, or just the day-to-day management of your real estate portfolio.

The markets have taken a dramatic change in direction in the last 30 days. So as we prepare for what lies ahead, I want to ensure you have the right information to formulate your game plan.

Today We Discuss:

1. The CA State Eviction Moratorium vs. LA County Moratorium, What happens come July 1?
2. LA County to Protect Tenants Who Do Not Pay Rent Until July 2023?
3. Historic Inflation – What does this mean to vacancies, rental rates, and property values?
4. Interest Rates have nearly doubled for residential loans and have gone up 1/3 for apartment loans, how does this impact the market?
5. Will a shift in our economy change the tenant base of apartments and how do you attract an ideal tenant in a recession?
6. Rent Control to enforce more stringent rules in the days ahead?
7. What direction are interest rates headed from here and what does that mean to your cash-flow?

Watch Now as Mike Brennan, Steven Spierer, Bruce Norris, Steven Hall, and Gil Figueroa answer YOUR questions!