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DST Investments Explained

Learn How to Sell Investment Property with No Capital Gains Tax to Pay, Continue to Receive Monthly Cash-Flow, & Enjoy No Management Headaches

Are you looking for an alternative investment vehicle to apartments that will provide the same cash-flow you enjoy today, but without the stress of management or the headaches?

Or maybe you are considering selling your multi-family properties to exit the market completely, but do not want to deal with the tax consequences involved. If there was an investment vehicle that would allow you to defer Capital Gains Tax, while also yielding a 6%+ cash return, would you be interested to learn more?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then watch today’s interview!

Today on The Apartment Dealer Show, I sit down with Warren Thomas, president and founder of JRW Investments. JRW is an investment firm located here in Pasadena, CA that specializes in DST (Delaware Statutory Trusts) and other alternative investments. Warren is among the “who’s who” when it comes to DSTs as he and his firm have had an impeccable track record for more than a decade. With 900 properties currently managed in over 40 states, Warren and his team have helped numerous real estate investors take the guesswork out of options for their 1031-Exchange that eliminate the responsibility of having to manage properties, while at the same time experiencing an attractive yield on their investment.

Today Warren and I discuss:
• What is a DST and why should landlords consider it as an alternative to multi-family ownership?
• What kinds of properties (quality and tenant) can an investor expect to own through a DST?
• How long should an investor expect to hold a DST?
• What is the projected rate of return on investment?
• How much if any debt is procured when investing in a DST?
• Who has the decision power when it comes to matters affecting the properties held in the DST?
• Can you sell 1 investment property and invest in multiple DST offerings?
• What is the difference between investing in a Triple Net Leased property as an individual owner, versus investing in a DST with a group of investors?
• Is there any personal liability for the investor, or are they shielded from any potential lawsuit that may occur on the properties held in the DST?

Now if you are as skeptical as I was when it comes to DSTs or Triple Net Leased properties (NNN), then you owe it to yourself to get informed. I imagine you have not had the opportunity to take a deep dive into the topic as Warren and I cover today.

Bottom line, what if you could own not one property management free, but a basket of multiple properties regardless if you had $100,000 in equity, or $10,000,000, all with no management demanded of you, and with consistent monthly cash-flow.

Warren Thomas
JRW Investments, Inc.
(877) 579-1031

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