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Today on The Apartment Dealer Show, as we continue to share live footage from my recent Apartment Owners’ Educational Luncheon we are spotlighting recent legislative changes that will significantly impact multi-family investors. Staying well-informed is vital for your success, and we’re dedicated to providing these valuable insights.

In this informative video, we delve into the latest legislative developments and trends affecting your commercial real estate investments. Our speaker, Mike Brennan blends a background in history and political science from UCLA with legal expertise and hands-on commercial real estate experience. His insights offer a deeper understanding of how these legal changes intersect with our industry.

We’ll begin by discussing Assembly Bill 12 (AB12), addressing security deposit limitations, which can affect your risk management strategies. Senate Bill 567 (SB567) introduces significant restrictions on the Ellis Act, influencing your investment decision-making.

Assembly Bill 225 (AB225) alters environmental booklets for tenants, potentially increasing landlord liability. AB309, the Social Housing Act, uses taxpayer funds to target low to moderate-income residents, exemplifying increasing government involvement.

AB524, known as the Family Caregiver Act, might create a protected caregiver class, impacting property management strategies. AB548 grants municipalities more rights to inspect commercial properties, increasing landlord obligations.

Senate Bill 267 (SB267) limits landlords’ tenant screening abilities, a crucial shift to understand for your operations.

Our video also explores emerging trends like the right to counsel in eviction cases, increased jury demands, federal government involvement, rent control expansion, just-cause ordinances, anti-tenant harassment rules, backlogged courts, relocation fee hikes, and labor shortages, shaping a dynamic landscape for investors.

These changes aim to make property ownership more challenging, reflecting a broader trend of limiting private property rights. We encourage you to view our video and research these laws and trends in order to protect yourself and your properties.

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