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Today, we’ve got something truly special for you – the third and final installment of our eye-opening three-part series, delving into recent legislation and its seismic impact on multifamily property owners. This video is your ticket to understanding the legal changes that could send shockwaves through your investments.

In Part 3, we’re continuing our deep dive into the bills signed into law by the Governor and how they’ll reshape the landscape for landlords and property owners. But wait, if you haven’t caught Part 1 (Link) or Part 2 (Link) yet, do yourself a favor and start there. Trust me; you want the full scoop on these game-changing legislative updates.

Now, in this video, we’ve got none other than Mike Brennan, the undisputed heavyweight champion of eviction law in our region, providing invaluable insights on pivotal bills. Here’s what you’re about to uncover:

1. Senate Bill 71: This isn’t just another bill. It’s a game-changer. Mike breaks down how this one elevates the small claims jurisdictional limits, putting the spotlight on COVID rental debt and tenant-inflicted property damage. Prepare to grasp the full impact and crucial considerations for landlords.

2. Senate Bill 267: Brace yourself because this bill is all about handcuffing landlords when it comes to screening tenants. Mike lays out the new requirements that force you to accept tenants with less-than-stellar credit reports. It’s time to understand the implications fully.

3. Senate Bill 567: Here, we’re talking about a major amendment to the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (AB1482). Owner-occupied evictions and substantial remodels take center stage. Mike’s here to illuminate the significant changes and their implications for property owners. You can’t afford to miss this.

4. Senate Bill 712: Is all about tenants and their use, storage, and charging of micro-mobility devices, those e-bikes and scooters. Are you ready to bear the cost for property improvements required to charge these items?

This video interview isn’t just informative; it’s your survival guide to navigating the ever-shifting legal landscape of multifamily real estate. These changes can and will influence your investments and your role as a property owner. But remember, we are lock step with you all the way as we all fight the good fight or property ownership.

If you’ve got questions or need a bit more clarity on these topics, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At The Apartment Dealer, our dedicated team of seasoned Multi-Family Specialists brings over 17 years of invaluable experience to the table. We’ve been in the trenches, assisting countless investors, just like you, to ensure that wealth-building through investment real estate is not left to chance. Our passion and commitment lie in guiding and advising investors through the intricate process of purchasing and selling multi-family assets.

But our support doesn’t stop there. We’re all about continuous growth. We provide ongoing education and an arsenal of resources to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary for enhancing and managing your property investments. Our mission is to make your real estate journey as seamless and rewarding as possible, and to assist you in the building of your Financial Legacy.

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