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40 Year High Inflation
Interest Rates to Increase
COVID Continues to Linger

Let’s Discuss YOUR 2022 Investment Strategy!

Since the beginning of the year, I have received numerous inquiries from landlords asking, “How is the Market?”

Last year was difficult for some landlords as they had to tango with non-paying tenants and eviction issues, so it is easy to understand their anxiety about the market. Surprisingly though even for many who collected 100% of their rents and had no real problems, they remain skeptical given the amount of misinformation that is in the marketplace.

As we begin 2022 some basic questions to consider are: Should you raise rents this year? Should you buy? Should you sell? Or, should you play it safe and just hold?

Here is what we know, property values and rental rates, historically, have never been better! Now that may seem strange given Inflation, COVID, Interest Rates, and a half dozen other issues, but the fact remains, apartment values and rents are strong!

So what should landlords consider as they try to determine their next move in real estate?

By the time you finish watching this week’s video, you will know what to thoughtfully consider (and what to dismiss) as you strategize on how to position yourself and your properties for a profitable 2022.