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2021 Los Angeles Real Estate Summit Highlights

Two weeks ago I took part in the 2021 Los Angeles Real Estate Summit and spoke alongside Tony Watson of Robert Hall and Associates, and Kaaren Hall of uDirect IRA Services, both of whom are experienced professionals from the areas of real estate tax and real estate investments. Some of the topics covered were:

1) I own rental properties, should I incorporate?
2) Is there an advantage to being a “real estate professional” for tax purposes?
3) What are the top 5 rental deductions?
4) How does the CARES act affect real estate investors?
5) What is cost segregation and how would it help me tax-wise?
6) What is a Self Directed IRA?
7) What are the steps to opening a self-directed IRA for real estate investments?
8) If I don’t have enough cash assets in my IRA to purchase rental property, can I borrow money to make up the difference?
9) How do you succeed in multi-family investments?
10) How has the pandemic affected multi-family?
11) What do you see for multi-family in 2021 and beyond?
12) Will the 1031-Exchange tax protection go away with the new administration?
13) How has Prop 19 affected real estate investors?
14) What’s the best way to initiate the eviction process?
15) What’s your opinion on the new administration restoring the deduction on local property taxes?

I hope you find the information shared useful in the day to day management of your multi-family investments.

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