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The NEW Rules of Screening Tenants & Filling Vacant Units

I could not think of a better way to say thank you to our clients and viewers than to begin a new video series with Mike Brennan, Eviction Attorney extraordinaire on the 15 Most Common Questions Landlords Are Asking Today. Over the coming weeks we will discuss:

• Best practices when screening tenants given recent eviction and rent collection regulations
• Can You evict a tenant due to substantial improvements right now
• What reasons can you use to evict your tenant… today
• The Federal Government, the State, and some Counties have their own eviction regulations, which ones do you follow

These are just some of the topics we will be discussing over the coming weeks…

Today we dive into screening new tenants when filling a vacancy. As tenants vacate rental units running from obligations with a past landlord, you need to make sure you are not taking on someone else’s non-paying tenant! But how do you do that if the previous landlord is not helpful? How do you verify employment and consistency of work hours given COVID? Basically, how do you ensure your cash-flow?