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What Direction is Multi-Family Headed?

No Vaccine In Sight, Rental Payments Slowing & Vacancies Rising

If you had to guess, what direction is our Multi-Family market headed? Are you Optimistic or Pessimistic about what the future holds for Landlords in CA?

Today we answer the question of, what is exactly happening right now in the Multi-Family market, with real life facts and stats. No opinions! No emotions!

With us today on The Apartment Dealer Show we have Steve Basham, Managing Analyst with the CoStar Group. CoStar is the leading authority when it comes to market analytics in the nation as they track 5,100,000 data points, and 6,000,000 properties on a daily basis. 

In order to get the facts straight, today on Episode 1 of our 4 Part Series we dive into what was the trajectory of the market prior to the Pandemic. This will help lay the ground work for the rest of our discussion as we tackle Rental Rates, Vacancy Rates, Tenant Concessions, and Property Values.

Whether you plan to buy, sell, or hold, recent events will impact landlords of all sizes.

WATCH NOW as Steve and I discuss those items affecting CA Real Estate values, and what you should be aware of as you contemplate your next real estate transaction.