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AB 3088 – Proceed With Caution

Unlawful Detainers, Rental Increases, & Tenant Concessions

Today we share with you our final segment of our interview series with Mike Brennan of the Brennan Law Firm and our discussion of AB 3088 otherwise known as the Tenant Relief Act of 2020. (If you missed any of the first 3 segments Click Here to watch now.)

Today Mike and I discuss the remaining key points of the law that you need to be aware of:
• Unlawful Detainers – No Longer On Your Tenant’s Credit Report?
• Commercial Tenants – Do the Same Protections Apply?
• Proof of Income – Extremely Important to Win in Court!
• The Eviction Court Process As We Know May Never Be The Same

I hope all your tenants are behaving and paying, but with many predicting a downturn in the economy in the months ahead, tenants may find themselves in an economic hardship and we as landlords need to be prepared for worst case scenarios. Bottom line, owning and managing properties here in California has changed forever. Be proactive now and arm yourself with the information you need in the event you find yourself in eviction court. WATCH NOW!