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Update: All Rental Payments Delayed Until 1/31/2021

Hopefully Landlords Have $$ to Weather the Storm

Today we continue our interview with Mike Brennan of the Brennan Law Firm and our discussion of AB 3088 otherwise known as the Tenant Relief Act of 2020. (If You Missed Segment 2 Click Here to watch now.) This is California’s newest attempt to but the financial burden of tenants on the backs of landlords.

Today we outline some of the most restrictive clauses of the new law such as:
• Tenants to delay ALL rental payments until 1/31/2021 (And then only pay you 25% of what is owed)
• How do you collect the remaining 75% of past due rent?
• On what grounds can you evict tenants TODAY?
• Landlords beware you can be found guilty for retaliation
• How to create a payment plan with your tenants on your terms

I hope your rent collections up to this point have been 100%, but new study finds that September was recorded nationally as having the lowest level of rent collection during the entire pandemic. Bottom line, tenant’s reserves and job prospects are fading. Be proactive now and arm yourself with the information you need in the event you find yourself in eviction court. WATCH NOW!