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Siblings at War, COVID Pandemic & Rent Control

One Seller’s Journey Through the Sale Process

Today we interview the Handsel Family who recently sold their multi-family investment property in the city of Whittier. If you have ever had misunderstandings with your partners or siblings (or even your spouse) on what direction to go with your investment properties, you will relate.

In this short video we discuss the challenges they faced of both the inner workings of their family circle, as well as market induced problems such as COVID and Rent Control. We also discuss the creative tactics we took to secure a buyer and how we got all family members, who were previously at war with each other, on the same page and to the closing table. WATCH NOW!

What is a Seller Financed Sale? If you are a property owner who would like to sell your investment property but you can not stand the thought of paying capital gains tax, you need to watch this video as I explain one of the most widely used tactics to avoid Capital Gains Tax Exposure.