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Will Multi-Family Values Fall 10-15% in 2021?

Let’s Break Down the Facts

In our 4th and final segment of our interview with CoStar Group we discuss, what does the year 2021 (and beyond) mean for multi-family investors, multi-family values, and multi-family rental rates? While there are some turbulent times ahead, it is not what you might think.

Watch NOW and get the facts you need as you contemplate how to pivot your real estate portfolio in order to capitalize on the market cycle ahead.

If you missed any of the first 3 installments of this interview click here to view now.

We thank Steve and CoStar Group for being generous with their time, and for sharing their market insights typically reserved only for paid subscribers.

In the next 24 Months whether you plan to Buy, Sell, Exchange or Hold, my intent is that this information helps you to determine your next move based on facts, not emotion, or even worse, some broker’s sales pitch.

WATCH NOW as Steve and I discuss predictions for 2021 and what that means for the Multi-family Market.

Let’s face it, in light of recent events life has changed as a Landlord.

Bottom Line –  As Landlords, we need to know how to deal with the crisis at hand, design a game plan to mitigate our losses, and prepare for the opportunities that exist in the days ahead!