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Tax Code 101 for Landlords
How to Protect Your Cash-Flow & Your Heirs

Ever heard the saying, “Cash is Trash”? If not, you will certainly be hearing this line in the weeks and months ahead as Inflation continues to soar. Now more than ever we as Landlords need to mitigate our tax liability and insulate ourselves from needless expense. 

Your ability to properly shield your rental income and equity from unnecessary taxes will make all the difference in the size of your financial legacy, in multi-family investments.

Today on The Apartment Dealer Show I have the pleasure of interviewing Steve Hall of Robert Hall & Associates.

Today we discuss:
1. What are the best/most profitable tax write offs for multi-family units?
2. How does Capital Gains tax work when you carry back private financing for the end buyer?
3. Do you think Biden’s capital gains reform and elimination of step-up basis will materialize?
4. When you complete a 1031-Exchange to a different state how do the Capital Gains work when you eventually sell that final property down the road?
5. What is the current amount one can pass to their heirs without triggering the estate tax? If estate taxes are triggered what is that percentage rate?
6. Can you avoid reappraisal of income property left to heirs due to Prop. 19?
7. What are the most important/relevant changes to the tax code slated for 2022?
8. How long can this market sustain these excessively high prices?
9. How will inflation impact the real estate market?
10. Will interest rates rise or decline in the next 12 months, and what does that mean to the economy and real estate?

WATCH NOW as Steve and I discuss real strategies to shield your income, protect your estate, and prosper as a multi-family investor.

Prop 19 Hotline: (213) 974-3441

Steven Hall, EA
Robert Hall & Associates
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