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LA County Eviction Moratorium Extended
& More Changes to Tenant Landlord Law

Beginning with the Pandemic, California politicians have tried to abuse their power to take away Landlord’s rights. With this new year came 770 new laws signed by the governor of which, 40 affect landlords like you and I. Today local eviction attorney Mike Brennan and I look to set the record straight when it comes to Rental Increases, Tenant Evictions, and other changes to tenant landlord law.

Today in Part 1 of our series Mike and I discuss:

Eviction Moratorium Extended
• The 3 Phases of the Moratorium and the 2022 calendar of change
• Under what circumstances can you evict a tenant now?
• What is the NEW process to evicting a tenant?
• How does a tenant “Self Certify” a financial hardship due to COVID?
• Can Landlords in Orange County, San Bernardino, or Riverside County evict tenants now?

Rental Increases
• Can you raise rents in LA County and by how much?
• Can you raise rents in Unincorporated LA County as of now?
• Can landlords in Orange County, San Bernardino, or Riverside County raise rents?

What about Day-to-Day Tenant Issues?
• Nuisance
• Late Rent
• Contractual Issues
• Unauthorized Occupants
• Unauthorized Pets


Why Are Landlords limited to increasing their rental rates by 10% in ALL cities regardless of the change in CPI?

Watch as Mr. Brennan and I discuss how to stay ahead of the recent changes, leverage the law to raise rents now, and protect your investments from tenants who refuse to follow the rules!

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