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It’s Time to Raise Rents!
New CPI Data Released – Let’s Calculate Your Next Increase!

On today’s Apartment Dealer Show, we are discussing all you need to know for your Rental Increases this year. Remember the income your property collects not only impacts how much money you put in your pocket, but it affects the value of your real estate, and eventually will impact your heirs!

Now if you have had a vacancy of late you may have experienced fewer applicants applying for your rental, and your unit staying vacant longer. How do we solve that problem and get maximum rent? Today we discuss how to do just that!

Today I discuss:
1. How to Best Advertise Your Rental Rates and Best Practices
2. Are Rental Rates Increasing or Declining in Your City?
3. Where to Find CPI Data and How To Calculate Your Increases
4. Which Local Cities Have Special Rules in Place (You will not believe some of the new rules!)
5. How to Collect ABOVE Market Rental Rates in a Market That is Experiencing Increased Vacancy

And Most Importantly…

• The Current Rental Rates In YOUR City!

Renovations Behind the Scenes Series: https://aptdlr.info/ytrenovations
CPI Lookup: https://www.bls.gov/regions/west/california.htm
Dennis Block Interview: https://youtu.be/fOJicimp8yw
Raise My Rents: http://raisemyrents.com
Zillow: https://www.zillow.com/
Rentometer: https://www.rentometer.com/
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