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Tax Code Changes for Landlords

How to Protect Your Cash-Flow & Your Heirs

Ever heard the saying, “A dollar saved is a dollar earned”? Nothing could be truer when it comes to taxation and owning investment real estate. Your ability to properly shield your rental income and equity from unnecessary taxes will make all the difference in the size of your financial legacy, in multi-family investments.

Today on The Apartment Dealer Show I have the pleasure of interviewing Steve Hall of Robert Hall & Associates. Steve and his family run one of Southern California’s largest tax firms and assist investors like you every day in mitigating their tax liability. Today Steve walks us through the newly instituted Proposition 19 and other proposed changes to the Federal Tax Code.

Steve and I discuss YOUR questions:
• Cost Segregation And How It Differs From Traditional Straight Line Depreciation?
• Purchase Loan Vs Refinance Loan – How Does The Tax Deduction Differ?
• Does A Trust Or LLC Help Landlords “Get Around” The Recent Changes To The Tax Code?
• Prop 19 – Everything You Need To Know
• Is There Any Legal Entity To Hold Title In That Avoids A Reassessment Of Property Value?
• 1031-exchange To Another State, What Are The Tax Consequences?
• What Is The Proposed Wealth Tax In California?
• Lawmakers Propose To Eliminate the Step-Up Basis Rule – What Does That Mean?
• Capital Gains Tax To Double?
• Based On Today’s Political Climate, What Do Landlords Need To Know?

WATCH NOW as Steve and I discuss real strategies to shield your income, protect your estate, and prosper as a multi-family investor.