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1st Qtr Multi-Family Update
Property Values, Rental Rates & Highest Sales
Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside Counties

Today on The Apartment Dealer Show we are going to recap what happened in the multi-family sector for the 1st quarter of this year.

Now before you dig into the video I’d be curious as to how you would answer this question, “What direction is the Multi-Family market headed in 2023?”

With the pressures of Inflation will rental payments begin to slow?
Will Vacancies Increase?
What will Your Property be worth in the end?

The good news is you do not have to guess as I have all the data today for you on our show.

In today’s video I will bring you up to speed with the information and analytics you need to make educated decisions as a real estate investor in 2023!

Watch as I break down, in detail, the Multi-Family market here in both Los Angeles & San Bernardino Counties (and the city of Riverside.)

Today I will discuss:
• Recent Multi-Family Property Sales & Value Trends
• Current Rental Rates for 3 Bed, 2 Bed, 1 Bed & Studio Units in YOUR Area
• Current Cap Rates & Other Market Metrics Every Investor Should Know
• Highest Priced Sales of this 1st quarter of the year
• Projected Vacancy Factor for the Remainder of the Year

And The Important Question

• How dramatic will the current market correction be?

By the time you finish watching this video you will have a firm grasp not only on the reality of the real estate market as it stands, but you will be better prepared for your next purchase, sale, or vacancy.