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15 Multi-Family Insider Tips for the Changing Market – Part 1

Today in Part 1 of our 2 Part Series, we address YOUR Top 15 Questions given the current crisis of trying to manage rental properties amidst the pandemic. For nearly 2 months the way landlords manage their rental properties has been affected, either by the economic fallout of the current health crisis, or the politicians who have issued a full assault against landlords. Either way, you still have to manage the day to day operations of being a landlord and this information will help you do just that!

In Today’s Show, both myself and Deepen Shah, Investment Associate here at The Apartment Dealer, take your questions on all things multi-family. We have the same concerns every other landlord has, both for our clients, and for our personal investments. Being connected with some of the most successful investors in the multi-family business, coupled with the network of industry leading advisors whom we seek counsel from continuously, it’s with that insight that we address your questions today.

In TODAY’S VIDEO we cover:

  • How Do You Manage Cash-Flow On Leveraged Properties During This Health Crisis?
  • Creative Ways to Collect 100% of Your Rental Income
  • Should You Fill Vacant Units or Wait for Executive Orders to be Lifted?
  • Has the Market Been Impacted and Why?
  • And Much More…

Let’s face it, in light of recent events life has changed as a Landlord. Tenants have suffered substantial job loss given the recent economic crisis, which in turn is causing a loss of rents for landlords. Not to mention all the various other items that will impact landlords such as no eviction policies, tumbling property values, and rising interest rates.

Bottom Line –  As Landlords, we need to know how to deal with the crisis at hand, design a game plan to mitigate our losses, and prepare for the opportunities that exist in the days ahead!