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2021: More Eviction Moratoriums and Delayed Rental Payments?

Today we bring you Episode 4 of our new video series with Mike Brennan, Eviction Attorney Extraordinaire on the 15 Most Common Questions Landlords Are Asking Today. If you’ve missed any previous episodes of this series, CLICK HERE to watch those episodes now.

On today’s episode we dive into:
• Why You Should Not Sign a 1 Year Lease…Ever
• CA’s Conflicting Eviction Moratoriums, Rent Deferment Plans, and The Conflicting Timelines of Collecting Past Due Rent
• 2021 – What to Anticipate As a Landlord When it Comes to Processing Evictions and FINALLY Collecting Past Due Rent..or Maybe Not!

WATCH NOW as Mr. Brennan and I discuss the most difficult issues facing you as a landlord today and learn the winning strategies you need to deal with the day-to-day management of your investment properties.