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How to Take Back Your Unit… Now!

Today we bring you Episode 3 of our new video series with Mike Brennan, Eviction Attorney Extraordinaire on the 15 Most Common Questions Landlords Are Asking Today. If you’ve missed any previous episodes of this series, CLICK HERE to watch those episodes now.

On today’s episode we dive into:
• How to Raise Rents Beyond The Limits of Rent Control
• How to Have Your Tenant Vacate in 60 Days or Less After 1/31/2021
• Cash For Keys – Have Your Tenant Vacate in 30 Days!
• You Suspect a Tenant is Dealing Drugs on Your Property, Now What Do You Do

WATCH NOW as Mr. Brennan and I discuss real strategies to take back your rental units, leverage the law to raise rents now, and protect your investments from tenants who refuse to follow the rules!