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How to Identify Problem Tenants Before You Rent to Them!

Today we bring you Episode 2 of our new video series with Mike Brennan, Eviction Attorney Extraordinaire on the 15 Most Common Questions Landlords Are Asking Today. If you missed Episode 1, which was released last week, CLICK HERE to watch now.

On today’s episode we dive into:
• Discrimination Based on Income Source – You Can Be Sued
• Meet Your New Favorite Tenant – The Essential Worker
• How to Know if Your Tenant May be Laid Off In the Event of Another Lockdown
• Should You Rent to a Tenant That Gets Paid in Ca$h
• Properly Documenting Tenant’s Breach of Contract to Win in Eviction Court
• Retaliation – The Newest Trap Tenants Are Setting for Landlords

As I have said before, unfortunately, many tenant management problems are self-induced by the landlords themselves. Not being selective in picking the right tenants, not screening potential tenants properly, poorly written rental contracts, etc…Watch NOW as Mr. Brennan and I lay out the best practices for dealing with potential tenants/current tenants and you will not only save yourself wasted time dealing with difficult tenants, but will also avoid unnecessary headaches along the way!