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1031-Exchanges & Other Advanced Strategies

With a fresh 12 months in front of us, and as investors struggle to find ways to increase their cash-flow and portfolio size amidst current market conditions, the key question is, how do you get from where you are today, to where you would ideally like to be in 2021?

For many of you, the obvious answer (and for some of you the topic you have been avoiding) is a 1031-Exchange.

Now before you dismiss this idea ask yourself, “Do I not want to sell my property and transition onto something new because I believe there is no other building better than mine, or, there are no other tenants like mine, or, I just do not see how I could better my position if the taxes go up and I have to take on new debt?” To address those concerns I would point you to the video I recorded addressing growth in multi-family (Click Here to Watch That Video).

But for those of you who would consider a 1031-Exchange, if convinced you could increase your net income by 15%, 20%, or even 30%, then WATCH NOW as I reshare a video I recorded with Greg Burns of IPX 1031 Exchange Services. Greg has two decades of experience working with investors like you when in the exchange process. WATCH NOW as we discuss insider tips on how to leverage a 1031-Exchange to increase your income, expand your real estate portfolio, and take advantage of additional tax savings.

Whether you have ever completed an exchange or not, I encourage you to tune in as we discuss:
• Common Mistakes Investors Make When in the Exchange Process
• How to Differentiate one Accommodator From Another
• How to Plan the Exchange Process Properly
• Can You Extend the 45 Day Identification Period?
• Purchasing a Vacation Home As Your Exchange Property
• The 3 Rules of Properly Identifying Your Next Investment
• How to Purchase Property For Your Children While in an Exchange

This will lay the groundwork needed to then move on to the discussion of, are YOU a candidate for a 1031-Exchange.