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Have You Given Up On Your Real Estate Portfolio?

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In this video, I lay the framework of how Apartment Owners need to approach all the impending changes that will take place over the course of 2020. Rent Control will become law on January 1, Prop 13 protections may go away forever, and the government may be out of stimulus heading us into a recession.

In this video, Steve Hall, certified EA & CPA, who runs one of Southern California’s largest tax firms, walks us through the implications of the government’s actions as well as the recent changes in the tax code, the tax implications of Opportunity Zones, Owning Real Estate in an LLC vs. C-Corp vs. S-Corp, and lots more!

The #1 Question I Get Asked Daily, “Kris, is the Apartment Market Going Up? Down? Left?” To address that question we have one of Southern California’s most prominent market forecasters, Bruce Norris, from our recent Apartment Owners’ Educational luncheon. Watch now as Bruce discusses how Systemic Events Make Millionaires…And How They Can also Make Fortunes Vanish If You Are on the Wrong Side of Timing. It is time to shed light on something everyone may be missing amongst the noise of a “great market.”

In this video, we have Gil Figueroa, Commercial Loan Broker of 20+ years discussing the climate of the Capital Markets given the new Rent Control Law, the direction of commercial loan interest rates, and how to devise a plan of action to leverage for growth in an ever-changing marketplace.

In this video, I cover the most commonly asked questions regarding how to maximize your current properties, growing one’s portfolio/net cash-flow, and what market indicators an investor should be tracking in order to plan their exit from real estate. 

Did you know under the new rent control law that as a landlord you are supposed to “roll back” your rental rates if you raised rents after 3/15/2019? In this video, Steven Spierer, one of California’s brightest minds when it comes to Real Estate Law, discusses all things Rent Control. Mr. Spierer also tackles some of the most common questions when it comes to tenant lawsuits. In today’s tenant biased courtrooms you need this Survival Guide!

In this video our panel of speakers address YOUR questions when it comes to the new guidelines for evictions under the new Rent Control Law, the notion of “Timing” the Market, Structuring a GOOD Deal vs. a BAD Deal, Service Animals in a “No Pets Allowed” property, owning real estate in a Family Trust vs. an LLC, and everything in between. Even if you do not see yourself conducting any real estate transactions in 2020, this information is vital to keep yourself out of tenant induced lawsuits, and will help you map your long-term investment goals.

In this video I interview Greg Burns of IPX 1031 Exchange Services. Greg has two decades of experience working with investors like you when in the exchange process. Watch as we discuss the common mistakes and misconceptions when it comes to the 1031-Exchange Process, how to properly plan a 1031-Exchange, and most importantly, how to grow your real estate portfolio and increase your income.

In this video, I walk you through all the expenses associated with the remodel project I have been walking you through over the last couple of weeks. This is the final installment of our 4 part series as I attempt to assist those owners who avoid extreme renovations because they assume the process is too much hassle, they do not have the “know-how”, fear that the process is too costly, or incorrectly assume the final payout does not justify the capital investment.

All Cities in CA Now Have Rent Control. Get Informed to Ensure You Are In Compliance! 

Bruce Norris, one of Southern California’s most notable real estate Market Forecasters shares his insights on:
• The current state of the California real estate market
• Why our state’s population is migrating elsewhere at a significant rate
• What a recession could mean to real estate investors
• And whether there are any signs of a market correction in the near future

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