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Apartment Market Braces For Several Systemic Events In 2020

Is Rent Control just the First of Many Cascading Systemic Events?

Individual City Interpretations of Rent Control, Government Unleashes More Quantitative Easing, 0% Interest Rates on the Horizon Turning Tenants into Homeowners & The Possibility of a Recession?

The videos below were recorded at our most recent Apartment Owners’ Educational Luncheon. Some of the topics covered included: How to Raise Rents Beyond the Caps in The New Rent Control Bill, Recent Changes to Tenant/Landlord Law, Tax Mitigation under the new “Trump” Tax Plan, Capital Market Trends and what the Government is not telling the Public, Lowering Interest Rate’s Effect on Multi-family Real Estate…and even when the next Recession may take place.

The presenters are among California’s top authorities and brightest minds when it comes to the legal, tax, and market timing of owning multi-family real estate. Each video will only be available for a limited time.